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Description Total Wt Dimensions Unit Price Quantity
Tube Ice 18Kg DIA 3cm X Ht 4cm $10.00
Baby Ice 18Kg DIA 1.5cm X Ht 2.5cm $10.00
Cylinder Ice (8 Pcs) 18Kg DIA 15cm X Ht 15cm $10.00
Crushed Ice 18Kg Chipped Form $10.00
Shaved Ice (With Box) 18Kg Shaved Form $25.00
1/8 Block Ice 18Kg L 28cm X Ht 48cm X W 13cm $10.00
Dry Ice 5Kg (Block / Pellet) $35.00
White Foam Box for Dry Ice (D) L 32cm X H 19cm X W 28cm $7.00/box
White Foam Box (S) L 48cm X H 36cm X W 36cm $8.00 / box
White Foam Box (L) L 60cm X H 34cm X W 50cm $13.00/ box
Rental of Ice Kachang Machine * $100/ day
Rental of Ice Cooler Bin * (Long term rental or events, pls contact us directly) $15/ day